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Kelly Campbell

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EP 68:Integrating Agency Leadership + Humanness, with Leslie Peters

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EP 67:Designing Conversation, with Daniel Stillman

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EP 66: Navigating Agency Life Transitions, with Annie Scranton

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EP 65: Workplace Transformation, with Lauren Bachynski

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EP 64:  Do You Know + Communicate Your Value, Paul Boag

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EP 63: Why Exploration Matters for Your Employees, with Erica Shieh

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EP 62: Mind Training for Agency Leaders, with Anahita Moghaddam

On this episode of THRIVE—sponsored by  Workamajig —Kelly and Anahita Moghaddam, Founder of Neural Beings, discuss consciousness and contemplative science for creative leaders. Learn how to tap into the power of your own mind and how that can lead to taking the right actions in ...
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EP 61:Overcoming the Overwhelm Loop, with Heather Yandow

On this episode of THRIVE—sponsored by Workamajig—Kelly and Heather Yandow discuss the physiological symptoms of burnout. They provide suggestions on how leaders can get overwhelm under control, as well as the difference between self-care and self-soothing.   
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EP 60: Why Clients End Agency Relationships, with Tricia Atkins

On this episode of THRIVE—sponsored by Workamajig—Kelly and Tricia Atkins explore the primary reasons why clients end relationships with their agency partners. They talk about how to identify weaknesses and work to solidify those for repeat reliance or long-term retention.
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EP 59:What's Your Leadership Story? , with Aaron Rose

On this episode of THRIVE—sponsored by Workamajig—Kelly chats with Aaron Rose about the inner work that’s calling so many leaders. They talk about what’s missing when we focus on external tactics, why we resist self-exploration in the first place, and where to start if we want ...
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Kelly Campbell Bio

Kelly Campbell is an Agency Growth Consultant based in New York. A former digital agency owner for 15 years, she helps creative and tech agencies transform—by focusing on people, positioning, pipeline and profitability. Kelly is also an IA/SEO consultant to Facebook and NASA. She writes for Website Magazine, speaks at digital marketing and agency growth conferences across the U.S., and has been featured in The New York Times, Woman Entrepreneur and Forbes. She is the host of THRIVE: Your Agency Resource, a bi-weekly video podcast sponsored by Workamajig that helps agency owners navigate growth.

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